Open Source And Linux Solutions

We believe in the freedom provided by the Open Source Software model and embrace the benefits it offers to our customers. Due to the fact that we provide both open source and proprietary (Microsoft etc.) solutions we are uniquely positioned to compare and measure these two distinctive sets against each other when making an implementation decision with or for our customers, enabling us to provide our customers with the best possible solutions available irrespective of the market segment.

Benefits / Advantages of using Open Source solutions:

  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Audit-ability
  • Cost
  • Flexibility and Freedom
  • Support and Accountability
  • Compatibility
  • Interoperability

We understand the inherent strengths of each model and are able to deploy and support hybrid and pure solutions. We do however provide a certain set of dedicated solutions based solely on the open source model.

It is entirely possible to use open source and free software as a server platform providing all the features any paid for solution can provide. This in itself offers huge cost savings due to the fact that no licensing fees are required, which usually accounts for almost half of the total cost of a "closed" server solution.

We primarily use the Linux based Debain and Ubuntu server operating systems due to its logical structure, compatibility, stability and leading edge implementations. It is important that those urban myths be dispelled, it is absolutely true that:

  • An end user can use a Linux driven network without noticing any difference compared to a "closed" solution.
  • It is not difficult to use, manage or maintain.
  • If you are at least slightly "connected", then you are already using Linux without knowing it.
  • You can use your Apple Mac, Iphone etc. with a Linux server.
  • You can use your Windows workstation/laptop with a Linux server.
  • A Linux serer can do everything if not more than any other server based on a "closed" Operating System.
  • Linux is compatible with most hardware and peripherals.
  • Linux is more secure and stable than any other "closed" server solution.
  • A Linux server solution costs much less than a "closed" solution with similar capabilities.

We also offer the following Open Source services:

  • Open Source desktop solutions - computers with Open Source software pre-loaded.
  • Open Source Office conversion projects - the conversion of complete networks to the Open Source model.
  • Open source compatibility testing.
  • Open Source Consulting - consultation based on available and alternative Open Source solutions.
  • Standardised Open Source deployment - enterprise or server wide open source installations.
  • Standardised domain hosting based on Open Source solutions.
  • Total cost of ownership comparisons for Open Source models.
  • Mail conversions to Zimbra, Standardised Zimbra deployments, Hosted Zimbra solutions.
  • Ubuntu Server and desktop, Zimbra and open source support.
  • Open Source cloud based solutions.
  • Open and closed source integration, Open Source development.
  • Open Source support, installations and maintenance - any and all IT support related to open source solutions just as we support Windows and Apple Mac based solutions.


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