Disaster Planning And Recovery

Our extensive expertise in the field and experience with relatively large disaster situations in the past ensures that we have the proper skill and foresight to offer professional disaster recovery planning, implementation, maintenance and prevention solutions.

Should you not have a disaster recovery plan in place and are in the market for a professional solution or need to comply with any specific law or body, we recommend that you make use of our free "initial contact" analysis, as this will ensure that we at least gather all the required information to be able to put a disaster recovery plan in place.

We are able to guide any business to define its particular disaster recovery requirements via a standard set of questions we have put together from past experience. As a solution to those requirements we are then able to provide a complete, comprehensive and professional disaster prevention and recovery plan consisting of various elements and technologies of which but a few are:

  • Risk, Data retention requirements, business continuity requirement and critical systems analysis.
  • Implementing and defining the correct backup procedures for all critical systems.
  • Off-site secured data storage.
  • Server Clustering and Continuous Cluster Replication.
  • Automatic fail over redundancy on critical systems and network items required by those systems.
  • Data restore tests and schedules.
  • Best practice principals surrounding specific server models.
  • Step by step instruction manuals for various disaster situations.
  • Cloud based collaboration solutions.
  • Backup power solutions.
  • Many more...

Please also remember that a very important part often overlooked when it comes to disaster planning and recovery is the cost of recovery. A disaster recovery plan is not supposed to be put in place as a "one time sale" but as a workable solution, a solution that needs to be cost effective especially when that disaster strikes. It is therefore imperative that you use a solution provider that actively consider the final recovery cost throughout the entire process.

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